The Truth is Out There: Why people, knowing the truth still turn from God!

The point I am making is this: one of the reasons why men refuse to accept the Christian faith is because the very principal of their lives are in every way contradictory to the ethical principles of the Bible, and determined to remain in the lawlessness of their own sensuality, they could not possibly embrace a holy religion nor walk with a holy God, nor look for salvation to His holy Son, nor have any love for His holy Word. … One of the deepest, profoundest, most powerful causes for unbelief, holding men back from Christ is a life of sin (Quote from Wilbur M Smith; 1974, p. 170, emp. Added)


About Jim & Jody

We sell real estate in the Tulsa Oklahoma area for Chinowth & Cohen Realtors. We have been selling real estate in Tulsa for about 6 years, however Jim has been in and around the Real Estate business since 1991. He is a former Broker Associate in Kansas, has earned his GRI designation, and has taken all educational requirements for appraising Real Estate. Jody has had many years experience in the Real Estate Mortgage field, and the two together have a well rounded knowledge of all aspects of the Real Estate business.
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