Morning Prayer August 3 2014

Lord, give us hearts of Lions.

Lord, give us hearts of Lions.

Father in Heaven, we come to You this morning asking for a blessing for America, so that once again we can claim to be blessed by You, and as followers, and world teachers of the precepts of Christ. Lord, bless America, with courage, with truth, with a determination to follow You, with Godly Leaders, and fearless leaders who will lead this country to a nation that once again focuses on Your truth, and Your way, and not on pleasing those who are against Your will, who blaspheme Your name, and trample Your truth.

Lord, bless us with leaders who will stand against foreign enemies, not attempt to appease them. Lord, bless us with courageous leaders who will not be swayed by the evil special interest groups. Lord, bless us with leaders who will not pass laws that go against Your will, but repeal laws, and reject potential laws that are in direct conflict with Your precepts. Lord, bless us with leaders, true leaders, who take control, do the job, not make excuses, and blame others for the errors, but correct their own errors when discovered.

Bless us with Preachers Lord, Godly preachers who will preach Your truth, not appease itching ears to increase their coffers. Lord bless us with preachers who will preach from the scriptures and not the most recent self-help book. Lord, give us preachers who will once again preach hell fire, and not pretty stories. Lord bless us with preachers who will preach self-sacrifice, and not self-indulgence. Lord, bless us with congregations that will reject huge self-glorifying bands, orchestras, choirs and choir leaders, but bless us with simple people singing to each other, praising Your name.

Lord, bless us with teachers, strong willed teachers, who are not fearful of an ungodly, cowardly administration that will try to intimidate them into teaching falsehoods, and reject prayer. Lord, bless us with private church schools that will teach a child what they need to know to function in this country as a Christian citizen, as a Christian worker, as a Christian salesman, as a Christian banker, as a Christian baker, as a Christian business person. Lord, bless us with schools that teach children how to read and write by using Your text book, Your history book, Your book of laws, Your book of faith, Your book of poetry, Your book of behavior, and Your book of salvation.

Lord, bless us with real men, strong men, willing to practice self-sacrifice, and reject self-comfort, and self-entertainment. Lord, bless us with real men who will be spiritual leaders of their families, not just a baby daddy. Lord, bless us with real men who will sacrifice all for the protection of their families, from all evil, foreign, and domestic. Lord, bless us with real men who will desire their wife, not their buddy. Lord, give us real men who will not stand for nonsense, political correctness, but will demand God correctness.

Lord, bless us with real women whose desire is for their husband, not their girl friend or latest fashions. Lord, give us real women who will take care of their families, their children and house-holds that do not need to find self-value in professions, and women’s movements, but find self-value in seeking Your will in their lives, and find value in the love and respect of their children, and husbands. Lord, bless us with real women, who place themselves above men, not biblically, but in a family sense, as Godly examples, of womanhood, and demand  to be treated with respect by their husbands, and women who return that respect to a husband who deserves it, who has earned respect from his wife, by his own commitment to Your will, and to his family.  Bless us Lord with women of olden days, who were real women, willing to do whatever was required to protect their children, not making life and death decisions concerning their unborn child, in lieu of their own physical beauty, or some career they dream of, but give them dreams of their children, give them desire for their families, for their wholesomeness, their Godliness, their faithfulness,

Lord, we thank You for the prisoner who has seen the error of his way, and has turned to You while incarcerated. Lord, Bless us with these men, that they will touch the hearts of fellow inmates with the truth of Your word, and when released they will change the direction of their lives, and the lives of their families, and become a shining example of what a true Christian American should be.

Lord, bless us with a pride, that we find only in You, not in any perceived accomplishments we obtain in this world. Lord, bless us with blinders to the appeal of worldly things. Let us seek out spiritual matters that we can share with others.

Lord, as we do every morning, we pray Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven, we pray for forgiveness of our sins, we pray for our daily sustenance, both physical and spiritual. Lord we pray for the homeless, the helpless, the hopeless, those suffering from disease and injury, the orphan, the widow, and the prisoners, that You will care for them through us, Your church.

In Jesus Name we offer this prayer. Amen.



About Jim & Jody

We sell real estate in the Tulsa Oklahoma area for Chinowth & Cohen Realtors. We have been selling real estate in Tulsa for about 6 years, however Jim has been in and around the Real Estate business since 1991. He is a former Broker Associate in Kansas, has earned his GRI designation, and has taken all educational requirements for appraising Real Estate. Jody has had many years experience in the Real Estate Mortgage field, and the two together have a well rounded knowledge of all aspects of the Real Estate business.
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