The Plan of God

A Thoughtful Christian

Why?  Why did God create Satan?  Why did God allow Satan to tempt us in the Garden of Eden?  Why did God allow us to grow up in a world filled with evil and pain?  Why does God require faith?

As I have tested my Christian beliefs over the last twenty years, I have grown in my assurance of the truths of the Bible.  By examining what I know of my own behaviour and inclinations, I cannot doubt that I am a sinner who does not deserve God’s love and needs a saviour.  From my examination of the scientific evidence, I know that I must either have faith in an infinite number of random universes for which human beings can never have any evidence or a creator such as the one described in the Bible.  Considering the reality of my everyday experience, I see that I appear to be made…

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About Jim & Jody

We sell real estate in the Tulsa Oklahoma area for Chinowth & Cohen Realtors. We have been selling real estate in Tulsa for about 6 years, however Jim has been in and around the Real Estate business since 1991. He is a former Broker Associate in Kansas, has earned his GRI designation, and has taken all educational requirements for appraising Real Estate. Jody has had many years experience in the Real Estate Mortgage field, and the two together have a well rounded knowledge of all aspects of the Real Estate business.
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