Morning Prayer October 11 2014

Let us Pray Together

Let us Pray Together

Lord, this morning we fervently pray for a revival in the prisons of the world. We pray that all Christians would join us in this prayer, and Lord, we dedicate this month of October to prison revival. Lord, help us to empty the prisons of America and set upon all America an army of evangelists, not better trained criminals.

Lord, help us instill a training, a love for Your word, a passion for Your truth that they never received in their homes, and schools as children. Let us, help us, show them the error of their way, by teaching them the correctness of Your way.

Lord, open the eyes of the world, if we have so many prisons all over the world that are over crowed, overflowing with prisoners, we are failing as a society, and as Your church to properly train these people. Let, people all over the world know this is their report card, and we are failing. Lord, give us a passion for success. Lord, we pray You will put it into our hearts to help in this cause, with bended knee, in passionate, fervent prayers all over this nation.

Lord, we pray for the forgiveness of our sins, we repent those sins, we hate the filthiness of these sins that cover us. We thank you for the forgiveness we know we have received according to Your unerring promise.

We ask You for our daily bread, that You will bless us with the things we need, and we receive them in full faith of Your promise, and providence.

Lord, we pray for Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, waiting in full patience, and expectation according to Your unwavering, and unstoppable plan.

Lord, we pray all this in the name of Jesus Christ.




About Jim & Jody

We sell real estate in the Tulsa Oklahoma area for Chinowth & Cohen Realtors. We have been selling real estate in Tulsa for about 6 years, however Jim has been in and around the Real Estate business since 1991. He is a former Broker Associate in Kansas, has earned his GRI designation, and has taken all educational requirements for appraising Real Estate. Jody has had many years experience in the Real Estate Mortgage field, and the two together have a well rounded knowledge of all aspects of the Real Estate business.
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