Societal Evil

A Thoughtful Christian

If, against every likelihood, I were ever to attend a high society function of some kind, I might engage members of the upper class in a conversation on the benefits of sanitation for the public health.  As modern human beings educated in the basics of science, these people would, in all likelihood, readily agree that sewage treatment was a good idea, though they would likely balk at paying additional taxes for any improvement in the current system.  It goes without saying, or course, that their reaction to a suggestion that they should get their hands dirty by working in a sewage treatment facility would be met with the utmost level of derision, scorn and hostility.  They might acknowledge the benefits of public sanitation, but any suggestion that they should help bring those benefits about through manual labour would naturally be rejected as being crude, coarse, uncivilized and unthinkable.  We can…

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About Jim & Jody

We sell real estate in the Tulsa Oklahoma area for Chinowth & Cohen Realtors. We have been selling real estate in Tulsa for about 6 years, however Jim has been in and around the Real Estate business since 1991. He is a former Broker Associate in Kansas, has earned his GRI designation, and has taken all educational requirements for appraising Real Estate. Jody has had many years experience in the Real Estate Mortgage field, and the two together have a well rounded knowledge of all aspects of the Real Estate business.
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