God cannot definitively prove His existence as long as people have free will

The Isaiah 53:5 Project


God can’t prove his existence

It’s impossible for God to prove his existence to beings with freedom of thought. For any conceivable thing that God could do to demonstrate his existence, one or more of the following objections can always be made:

  • The person(s) witnessing the demonstration were hallucinating or dreaming
  • The demonstration was an optical illusion
  • The demonstration is a natural phenomena which science will eventually explain
  • The demonstration was not caused by God, but by someone else, possibly someone masquerading as God: Satan, an advanced race of aliens, a committee of deities, etc.
  • The demonstration was misinterpreted: aliens made a mistake when they tried to contact us, the scientists who documented it made mistakes or were biased towards theism, etc.
  • God existed when he caused the demonstration to occur, but he’s since vanished or died
  • The demonstration never occurred, because the world was created yesterday and all our…

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