How Exegesis Should Shape Our Apologetics When Engaging the Lost


bibleI had an individual who utilizes classic, Thomist apologetics offer some excellent challenges of my presuppositional position.  His challenges help to distinguish between what I believe is a textually oriented apologetic methodology from the classic apologetics presented in the majority of popular books, at apologetic conferences, and on daily Christian radio programs.

He wrote,

I realize you’ll probably simply say that I’m not a TULIP believing Calvinist and so my soteriology is all wrong, etc., etc. My reply would simply be, if man is so dead that God must give each man what amounts to personal revelation in some mystical sense (since it can’t be via human reason at all) before he can understand anything about the Gospel or make any decisions about it, then what is the point of the Bible in the first place, or prophets, or Apostles, etc.? If each believer receives his own regeneration, and thus…

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