What happens when we die?

I posted a statement on facebook that the bible says when we die we either go to heaven or hell, would you please think about that?

A lady by the name Lori responded, and correctly that we do not go to heaven immediately upon death, and the statement below was my answer to her:

Lori, thank you for your post and thank you for “thinking about this” I am offering an answer to your statement with supporting verses below, if you would like more evidence of the following statements, it would be my pleasure.

Regardless of the process, or time involved, eventually everyone will end up in heaven or hell, I hope all will give that some thought.

When we die, we do not know exactly what the process is except by a few verses in Scripture that refer to this event.

At death the body returns to dust from where it came. The Spirit returns to God, from whence it came.

For those who die in a forgiven state (salvation) they sleep (in Paradise) until Christ returns, at that time they will rise from their sleep and join those spirits that were still in the body when Christ returns.

When we sleep, the night passes without the awareness of time passing, and this is the same in our spiritual sleep, when we die we sleep peacefully in paradise, however when we are awakened upon the return of Christ it will be as an instantaneous event at the point of death for us.

However, those who die in their sin go to a place called (in Greek) Tartarus and this Greek word is found only once in scripture, (however once is enough) 2 Peter 2:4 and it is a place of punishment.

Unlike those who die in forgiveness, these people will not sleep, they will be conscience during their punishment.

When we die, we will either go to a place referred to as Paradise (and sleep until Christ returns) or a place referred to as Tartarus; a place of punishment.

So the statement stands, when we die we either go to heaven or hell, please think about that!

Ecclesiastes 12:7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

What is Tartarus? (2 Peter 2:4)

The word Tartarus is only found once in the Bible and that is at 2 Pet. 2:4, “Certainly if God did not hold back from punishing the angels that sinned, but, by throwing them into Tar´ta·rus, delivered them to pits of dense darkness to be reserved for judgment;” (2 Pet. 2:4)

Notice the “pits of dense darkness”. To help better understand what Tar´ta·rus is, consider the parallel text found at Jude 6: “And the angels that did not keep their original position but forsook their own proper dwelling place he has reserved with eternal bonds under dense darkness for the judgment of the great day.”

John 11:11 Raising of Lazareth

11 After he had said this, he went on to tell them, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going there to wake him up.”

Mark 5:39 And entering in, He said to them, “Why make a commotion and weep? The child has not died, but is asleep.”

Daniel 12:2 describes the dead as “those who sleep in the dust of the earth,” who later “shall awake” through being resurrected.

Job 3:11-17 Job speaks of the state of the dead on more than one occasion. “Why did I not die at birth? Why did I not perish when I came from the womb?…For now I would have lain still and been quiet, I would have been asleep; then I would have been at rest…There the wicked cease from troubling, and there the weary are at rest”

Psalms 13:3   Consider and answer me, O LORD my God; Enlighten my eyes, or I will sleep the sleep of death


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